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NordSecMob alumni and students gathered together in Stockholm


NordSecMob Alumni Conference on 17 October brought together over 50 students, alumni, and staff members in Stockholm. In addition to meeting new and old friends, the purpose of the event was to celebrate the 10-year journey of the programme.

The NordSecMob consoritum invited all its alumni and students to meet in Stockholm and to celebrate the 10-year journey of the programme. Also several formed and current staff members and other key people were invited. The conference had over 50 participants altogether.


The programme of the day started with an overview of statistics and milestones given by Eija Kujanpää, manager of international affairs at Aalto Univeristy School of Science, and coordinator of the programme since the very beginning.

- From 2006 to 2015, the programme has processed more than 2 200 paper applications and evaluated almost 1 600 eligible applications. We have always been very careful when evaluating the applications and take a lot of time for that. The effort pays off and shows in the number of graduates, she describes.

The graduation rates speak the same story: By the time that the current generations graduate, the programme will have over 200  double degree graduates, which means over 400 degrees awarded. Over 97% of the enrolled students end up as graduates.

Professor Antti Ylä-Jääski, director of NordSecMob programme from Aalto University School of Science, shed light on the various dramatic changes that we have witnessed in the domain of mobile internet during the past ten years.

- Think of how many people had broadband internet on their mobile device ten years ago, and how many have it now! Nobody could estimate this kind of growth.


Professor Flemming Stassen has also been involved with the programme since the very beginning and shared several funny stories from the past. Something that the NordSecMob students of every generation probably remember for good is the winter event in the mountains near Roros, Norway. It was original the local coordinator of NTNU, Mona Nordaune, who discovered the picturesque family-owned guesthouse in Vauldalen.

- There were rumours of bears being spotted in the area, but Mona just said "well, in that case the students cannot escape!", he reminisced, causing a burst of laugh among the audience.

- It is amazing that all of us students have met so few times in person, since we are in different countries, but it still feels like we have known each other for ages, one of the 2nd year students commented, cherishing the memories of Roros winter event.

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Five alumni were invited to share their "stories of life after graduation". They all had followed different career paths - one is a post-doctoral researcher in Finland,  one is an entrepreneur in India, one is working for an IT-start-up in Norway, one as an infrastructure engineer at a major bank in Sweden, and one as information security consultant in Netherlands - proving that there are many ways to succeed, but the road is not always even and straight.

- Don't make yourself too comfortable, things may change, Richard Sassoon, a graduate 2009 from Brazil adviced.

- Your degree is valuable, but don't underestimate the value of certifications in the job market either, Liis Jaks (graduate 2014) reminded.

For all the alumni, NordSecMob has not just been a programme leading to a degree, but a life-changing experience. Everyone had to move abroad to study in the programme, and for some this meant leaving their family and friends on the other side of the world. Many decided to stay in one of the NordSecMob countries or somewhere else in Europe. And for at least a couple of alumni the programme means more than to anyone else.

- When I started studying, my Thai classmate introduced me to a recently graduated NordsecMob alumni, who was starting to work in Stockholm. Long story short, we are now married and live in Stockholm, after marriage parties in 3 continents! said Sebastian Domancich (graduate 2010).

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 See the full programme of the event here.





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