Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing

Scholarships for admission 2016


The NordSecMob Consortium has decided to grant scholarships of 12 000 euros for the 15 best applicants of application round 2016. The scholarships consist of 24 monthly instalments of 500 euros.

The scholarships do not cover the possible local tuition fees of the NordSecMob universities, and they may not be sufficient to prove a sufficient income to obtain a residence permit, so please prepare to have some additional funding of your own. The scholarships can only be applied when applying to the programme and they are granted on academic merit basis irrespective of the applicant's socioeconomic background.

All enrolled students are also eligible to apply for Nordplus mobility support for the period they spend at their host institution (second NordSecMob university) after enrolment.

More information about the consortium scholarships here.



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