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General application instructions

All information regarding admissions is available to everyone on the university’s website. The use of educational agents is not necessary in the application process and applicants are advised not to use any fee-charging services for applying. Applicants should always fill in the application themselves and use their own contact details. This ensures that the applicant receives all important information directly from the University. Any third party involvement may hinder the application processing and admission procedure.

Application fees introduced for admission 2016

Background about application fees in Finland

Applicants to Finnish higher education institutions (polytechnics/universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities) who are applying based on a degree completed outside the EU/EEA area or Switzerland will be required to pay an application fee of 100 €. The application fee concerns applicants to Bachelor's and Master's level studies. Application fees will be collected for the first time when applying for studies beginning in autumn 2016.

In NordSecMob - Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing, which is coordinated by Aalto University School of Scince in Finland, the application fee will be collected from all applicants liable for payment regardless of the study track choice.

Am I required to pay an application fee and what does it cover?

The collection of the application fee is independent of the home country or nationality of the applicant. The fee will be collected according to the country where the applicant’s previous degree has been completed.

If you have completed the degree that you are applying with elsewhere than

  • the EU/EEA countries: (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar)
  • Switzerland

you are required to pay the fee of 100 € before sending the application.

The application fee is valid for one application period, and it covers, in addition to NordSecMob, all the applications that you make for study programmes at Finnish universities or universities of appliked sciences that begin in the same semester (autumn 2016).

The application fee payment can only be made electronically through the service. The application and the payment have to be made by the same person. An applicant who is liable for payment must pay the application fee in order for the application to be processed.

The payment will not be returned even if you are not accepted to any of the study programmes that he or she has applied to. The payment can be returned only if it has been faultily collected.

More information about the application fee is available in the Application fee FAQ leaflet (PDF) by the Finnish National Board of Education.


Instructions for applying (2016 admission)

Application deadlines

The  application period for intake 2016 (studies starting in autumn 2016) will open on the 2nd November 2015 and end on 15th January 2016. The online application form will be available for that period only, opening on 2nd November at 9 a.m. and closing on 15th January at 4 p.m. (Finnish time, GMT+2).

To apply for admission to the NordSecMob - Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing you must submit an online application form, print and sign it, and send the application form with all the required application documents to Aalto University School of Science by the deadline.

The link to the application form will be published here when the application perio opens.

Please note:

  • You must submit the online application form by the deadline 15th January 2016 at 4 p.m., GMT +2 (Finnish time).  
  • The printed application form and other application documents, including language test result must arrive at NordSecMob Admissions Office at Aalto University by 15th January 2016 at 4 p.m., GMT +2 (Finnish time).
  • The sooner you send your application, the faster we can notify you in case something is missing.
  • All applicants will have a right to complement their application for up to two weeks after reception of the paper application, or until the application deadline, 15th January.
  • The language test result can be submitted electronically by the deadline. For submitting the language test result, read more at Admission criteria.

Late or incomplete applications and problems with delivery

Please reserve enough time for the shipment of your application documents! Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications that have been mailed before the deadline but do not arrive at the Admissions Office by the deadline are not accepted. Applications sent by email are not considered. The signed application form and the required documents must be sent by post or by a courier service. If the application is sent by a courier service (e.g. UPS, DHL) and it arrives late due to a routing mistake made by the courier service (or for any other reason), it will not be processed.

Applying for study track

NordSecMob is a joint Master's programme organised in cooperation by five universities. To complete the programme and graduate with double degree, students must study at two of the consortium universities, refered to as home and host university, together forming a study track.

The home and host universities are defined already during the application and selection process. Applicants must specify which study track they wish to follow (in order of priority) on the application form. The NordSecMob selection committee allocates the study tracks to the students based on their preferences and on availability of seats at each university.

Applicants cannot be rejected because of study track choice, but the allocated study track cannot be changed later on, so choose your study track wishes carefully.

As of 2016, admitted NordSecMob students are responsible for paying the local tuition fees of the universities of their study track (we no longer have a joint fee). Please pay extra attention to the fees of the universities, especially if you are a non-EU/EEA national, because the cost of each study track may vary a lot. Do not select a study track that you cannot afford.

Read more about the universities and see Study Programme for further information about the study track options.


Scholarships and tuition fees for admission 2016

NordSecMob has been granted Erasmus Mundus funding by the European Commission for two consecutive 5-year contract periods, for 10 annual admissions altogether. Everyone, the students and the partner universities, have been very satisfied with the cooperation.

We will no longer have Erasmus Mundus scholarships available on the admission period 2016, and we will no longer have a joint programme fee.  However, Nordplus scholarships will still be available (subject to annual application) for the enrolled students to apply, and the universities or the consortium may grant some support of their own for the top students.

More information about the possible consortium scholarships available will be published here before the beginning of the admission period.

Tuition fees for admission 2016

Aalto University

Aalto Univeristy does not charge tuition fees of any nationality of students in admission period 2016. More information on Aalto website (see frequently asked questions).

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH charges tuition fees for citizens of countries outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland. More information on KTH website.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

NTNU does not charge tuition fees of any nationality of students in admission period 2016. More information on NTNU website.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

DTU charges tuition fees for most citizens of countries outsie the EU, EEA and Switzerland. More information on DTU website.

University of Tartu

UT charges minor tuition fees for all nationalities. More information on UT website.

The total cost of your NordSecMob studies depends on your choice of study track. Please note the periods spent at each university on the different study tracks:

1 year at home university + 1 year at host university study tracks

Aalto + KTH
Aalto + NTNU
KTH + Aalto
NTNU + Aalto

1 semester at home university + 3 semesters at host university study tracks

Aalto + DTU
Aalto + UT

Read more about scholarships and fees here.


Where to send your application and required documents

NordSecMob Admissions Office (room A225)
Aalto University School of Science
P.O. Box 15400
FI-00076 AALTO (city: Espoo)
(if you use a courier service, street address: Konemiehentie 2, room A225, city: 02150 Espoo, Finland, tel: +358-50-5122 693).

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