Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing

How to apply


The programme will no longer admit new students.


The consortium universities offer local programmes in the similar field. Please find more information on these options on the partners´ websites


General application instructions

All information regarding admissions is available to everyone on the university’s website. The use of educational agents is not necessary in the application process and applicants are advised not to use any fee-charging services for applying. Applicants should always fill in the application themselves and use their own contact details. This ensures that the applicant receives all important information directly from the University. Any third party involvement may hinder the application processing and admission procedure.'

The application process consists of three steps:

1 - Application fee check

2 - Online application form

3 - Paper application documents


Step 1 - Application fee check

First, all applicants must give some basic information about their educational background in portal (application fee form) in order to determine whether you should pay the applicationi fee or not. Read the instructions below to do this.

If you are not required to pay the application fee, you can then proceed to Aalto University's online application system ( to fill in the NordSecMob application form.

If you are required to pay the fee, you must pay it before you can proceed to the application form.

Am I required to pay an application fee and what does it cover?

The collection of the application fee is independent of the home country or nationality of the applicant. The fee will be collected according to the country where the applicant’s previous degree has been completed.

If you have completed the degree that you are applying with elsewhere than

  • the EU/EEA countries: (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and Gibraltar)
  • Switzerland

you are required to pay the fee of 100 € before sending the application.

The application fee is valid for one application period, and it covers, in addition to NordSecMob, all the applications that you make for study programmes at Finnish universities or universities of applied sciences that begin in the same semester (autumn 2016). Application periods to other programmes and universities will open later, but once you have paid the fee when applying to NordSecMob, this information will be saved in the application fee portal and when you apply for other programmes.

Here are a few of examples of application fee cases:

  • The applicant is on his/her final year of Bachelor's studies at a Chinese university. The applicant must pay the application fee.

  • The applicant has a Bachelor's and a Master's degree from a Pakistani university. The applicant must pay the application fee.

  • The applicant has a Bachelor's degree from an Indian university and is currently doing a Master's degree in Sweden. Since a Master's degree can grant eligibility to NordSecMob as well as a Bachleor's degree, the applicant should enter the Master's degree information on the application form and he/she does not have to pay the application fee given that he/she graduates with the Swedish Master's degree by 31st July 2016.

  • The applicant has a Bachelor's degree in business administration from a Spanish university and a Master's degree in computer science from an American university. The Bachelor's degree is not relevant for NordSecMob, but it grants the applicant an exemption of the application fee, so the applicant should enter this information on the application fee form. The applicant does not have to pay the application fee. However, the Master's degree is, on its turn, very relevant for NordSecMob application, so the applicant should give more information about this degree on the application form.

How to pay the application fee?

  1. Go to this page.

  2. Sign in with your Google account or order a login link to your e-mail. The e-mail address you use will become your username also in Aalto University’s application system.

  3. Fill in your personal details and information about your educational background.
  • The information you give about your education will be used to determine if you need to pay the application fee. You can give additional information about your educational background on the application form.

  • You cannot edit the information once you have submitted it. Please enter your name as it is written on your passport or other official identification. Do not use additional characters or caps lock.

  • If you are required to pay the application fee, follow the instructions on the form. You can pay the fee with Finnish internet banking codes or with a credit card. More information about the application fee Read also the Application Fee FAQ.


Background about application fees in Finland

Applicants to Finnish higher education institutions (polytechnics/universities of applied sciences (UAS) and universities) who are applying based on a degree completed outside the EU/EEA area or Switzerland will be required to pay an application fee of 100 €. The application fee concerns applicants to Bachelor's and Master's level studies. Application fees will be collected for the first time when applying for studies beginning in autumn 2016.

In NordSecMob - Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing, which is coordinated by Aalto University School of Scince in Finland, the application fee will be collected from all applicants liable for payment regardless of the study track choice.


Step 2 - Fill in the online application form

Once you have paid the fee (or if you do not need to pay the fee) the service will direct you to the registration form of Aalto University’s application system. Fill in your contact information and create a password for the service. Do not use additional characters or caps lock in your contact information.

The online application form will be available only  from 7th March 2016 to 1st April 2016 (4:00 pm, GMT+2) (2nd application round 2016). 

More instructions about the application form can be found here.


Step 3 - Send your application to NordSecMob Admissions Office

Print the application form, sign it, and send together with the required application documents to NordSecMob Admissions Office:

NordSecMob Admissions Office (room A225)
Aalto University School of Science
P.O. Box 15400
FI-00076 AALTO (city: Espoo)
(if you use a courier service, street address: Konemiehentie 2, room A225, city: 02150 Espoo, Finland, tel: +358-50-5122 693).

Your paper application documents must reach the NordSecMob Admissions Office before 15 January 2016 at 4 pm Finnish time (GMT +2).

Note: your application is not considered as officially received until we have received your paper application and you have paid the application fee, if you are required to do so.

The sooner you send your application, the faster we can notify you in case something is missing.

All applicants will have a right to complement their application for up to two weeks after reception of the paper application, or until the application deadline, 15th January.

The language test result can be submitted electronically by the deadline. For submitting the language test result, read more at Admission criteria.

Late or incomplete applications and problems with delivery

Please reserve enough time for the shipment of your application documents! Late or incomplete applications will not be processed.

Applications that have been mailed before the deadline but do not arrive at the Admissions Office by the deadline are not accepted. Applications sent by email are not considered. The signed application form and the required documents must be sent by post or by a courier service. If the application is sent by a courier service (e.g. UPS, DHL) and it arrives late due to a routing mistake made by the courier service (or for any other reason), it will not be processed.


How to make a good application?

Before sending us your application, read through these tips.


First and foremost: Pay close attention to the instructions and follow them to the letter. An incomplete application cannot be evaluated and it suggests inattention to detail. Incomplete applications will not be considered for the programme. 

It is the applicant’s responsibility to make sure the applications arrive to the admissions office in time. We do not accept late applications under circumstances.

Please do not use staples or paper clips. Simply arrange the papers to be in order.

Do not enclose all the documents in separate envelopes (only the recommendation letters and transcripts that arrive directly from the university).

Interleaves are not necessary.

When choosing the study-tracks, please see the descriptions of the partner universities and their study programmes from the NordSecMob web pages and make your decision concerning the study-tracks you would like to follow based on that information.

Required documents

Prepare the required application documents carefully and reserve enough time for compiling them.

Course descriptions: Use the form on the “Application documents” page to provide the course descriptions. Do not send your entire study guide with the application.

Supporting documents: A good application has all the required documents and relevant supporting documents. Use your good judgment when choosing which supporting documents you include in the application. The application does not get better by the amount of documents you provide. On the contrary, irrelevant documents may weaken the application.

Motivation letter: In the letter of motivation, please outline your academic and professional reasons for applying for admission to the programme. Include in the letter justifications why we should select you to the Master’s programme – not why you should be given the scholarship. The best applicants will be selected to the programme and the scholarships will be given to best of the selected students. The applicant’s financial background has no relevance to the scholarship allocation.

Language test: The language test requirement is not a negotiable requirement. The criteria is stated on the web pages at Admission and language criteria.

Concerning the TOEFL language test: The TOEFL language test center asks you to inform the University code in which you wish to send your results. When you take the TOEFL test you need to order the official test report to be sent directly to Aalto University, reporting code 7364 as soon as the score is available. Note that there is no department code - you can select any department or leave the field blank. Only this official score report submitted by ETS is accepted, but please enclose also a copy of the test result in your application if available to help us track your result.

Concerning IELTS language test: you can send your IELTS score card by e-mail to nordsecmob [at] aalto [dot] fi

Online and paper application

Note that an online application alone is not enough for applying to the programme. You will need to print out the form, sign it, attach a photo to it and send it with all the required documents as paper application so that it arrives to the admission office before the deadline. This applies also the other way around: the documents sent without the printed online application will not be considered as a complete arrived application.

In the online application, pay attention when you fill in the information concerning your university degree. To the “first degree obtained” you need to fill in the university degree you have obtained chronologically first. In case you have obtained both Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree, the Bachelor’s degree should be filled in as the “first degree obtained” and your Master’s degree to the “second degree obtained”.

Do not send any documents by e-mail.


During the admission and selection time we are very busy at the admissions office. Before sending your questions by e-mail, read carefully through the instructions on our web pages and the “frequently asked questions”-page. If you still cannot find an answer to your question, contact nordsecmob [at] aalto [dot] fi.



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