Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing

Scholarships and Fees for admission 2016

NordSecMob – Master’s Programme in Security and Mobile Computing has been granted Erasmus Mundus funding by the European Commission for two consecutive 5-year contract periods, for 10 annual admissions altogether. Everyone, the students and the partner universities, have been very satisfied with the cooperation. We will no longer have Erasmus Mundus scholarships available on the admission period 2016, and we will no longer have a joint programme fee.


Scholarships 2016


There are no scholarships connected to the 2nd application round. Should any scholarships become available later, the selected/enrolled students will be notified of this. Unfortunately, the Consortium cannot give any guarantees or  more detailed information about this currently. The 2nd application period is targeted for those who are willing and able to cover the living costs and the possible local tuition fees of the NordSecMob universities with their own funding.


NordSecMob Consortium scholarships (1st application round only)

The NordSecMob Consortium has decided to grant scholarships of 12 000 euros for the 15 best applicants of application round 2016. The scholarships are granted for full-time studies in NordSecMob programme and they consist of maximum 24 monthly instalments of 500 euros.

The scholarships do not cover the possible local tuition fees of the NordSecMob universities, and they may not be sufficient to prove a sufficient income to obtain a residence permit, so please prepare to have some additional funding of your own. The scholarships can only be applied when applying to the programme and they are granted on academic merit basis irrespective of the applicant's socioeconomic background.

The scholarship results will be announced together with the admission results in March 2016.

If you are selected to the programme but you are not among the 15 top applicants, you will be placed on a reserve list for the scholarships. The reserve list candidates have the possibility to be granted the consoritum scholarship in case some of the top 15 students cancel, and if the candidates before them on the reserve list reject the offer. The scholarship candidates will be notified by e-mail in case they have been awarded a scholarship.

The reserve list expires on 31st May 2016. The NordSecMob consortium expects that all the scholarship holders will be definitively confirmed by that date. However, in case any unexpected cancellations occur among the scholarship holders after the 31st May, the consortium will no longer reallocate the scholarship to the reserve list candidates.

All enrolled students are also eligible to apply for Nordplus mobility support for the period they spend at their host institution (second NordSecMob university) after enrolment.


Nordplus scholarships

The students selected to the NordSecMob programme can apply for the Nordplus scholarship for the duration of their stay (from 4 to 10 months) at the host university (i.e. for the mobility period). The selected students will be informed about this possibility once they have started their studies at the home university. These scholarships are subject to annual funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Nordplus scholarship is not sufficient for covering the full living and studying expenses. Normally, the maximum Nordplus scholarship amount is 330 EUR for travel costs + 200 EUR/month for accommodation and living costs. The students must have sufficient funding already when they apply for a residence permit (non-EU citizen) and the Nordplus funding can be applied for only after enrollment to the programme.


Honours programme at Aalto University

The Computer Science Department invites exceptionally qualified Master's students to join the department's honours programme. Students admitted to the honours programme are associated to one of the department's research groups, and will have the opportunity for part-time employment during semesters in research-related work. In summer the students have the possibility of entering into full-time employment in the department's competitive summer internship programme.

All NordSecMob students selected to Aalto University as home or host university will be considered as eligible candidates to the honours programme. If necessary, students without a NordSecMob consortium scholarship may be prioritized in the selection.

More information on the Computer Science department homepage.


Scholarships in your home country

Several countries have national funds offering scholarships for studies abroad. We encourage all students to investigate on such opportunities independently.

Some NordSecMob students from the following countries have received a national scholarship (or a combination of loan and scholarship):

Costa Rica

We try to gather more information about these scholarship opportunities here soon, but meanwhile, if you are from one of the following countries and would like to know more about the scholarship opportunities, please contact nordsecmob(at)


Participation costs 2016

Application fee

As of 2016, applications fees are introduced for some applications. Read more here.

Tuition fees

The total cost of your NordSecMob studies depends on your choice of study track. Please note the periods spent at each university on the different study tracks:

1 year at home university + 1 year at host university study tracks

Aalto + KTH
Aalto + NTNU
KTH + Aalto
NTNU + Aalto

1 semester at home university + 3 semesters at host university study tracks

Aalto + DTU
Aalto + UT

Tuition fees at NordSecMob universities

Aalto University

Aalto Univeristy does not charge tuition fees of any nationality of students in admission period 2016. More information on Aalto website (see frequently asked questions).

KTH Royal Institute of Technology

KTH charges tuition fees for citizens of countries outside the EU, EEA and Switzerland. More information on KTH website.

Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)

NTNU does not charge tuition fees of any nationality of students in admission period 2016. More information on NTNU website.

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

DTU charges tuition fees for most citizens of countries outsie the EU, EEA and Switzerland. More information on DTU website.

University of Tartu

UT charges minor tuition fees for all nationalities. More information on UT website. 

Tuition fee waivers

As of 2016, NordSecMob no longer has joint programme fees, and therefore the consoritum doesn't grant joint tuition fee waivers either. The universities charging tuition fees may ward some tuition fee waivers for students selected to them.


What do we offer and what should you cover yourself when you enroll in the programme?

The student who is accepted and enrolled in to NordSecMob programme is entitled to following support and services:

  • access to all NordSecMob courses and laboratory sessions
  • assistance from the student services of the university in accordance with the regulations of the student services
  • use of the library in accordance with the library regulations of the institution
  • use of the information technology infrastructure in accordance with the specific regulations of the institutions
  • educational support through any of the learning environments at the Consortium universities

The student him/herself is responsible for covering following cost items:

  • travel from and to the country of origin of the student
  • travels between the home and host universities
  • residence permit, if applicable
  • medical insurance (required to obtain residence permit) and other possible insurances
  • accommodation
  • living costs
  • possible student union fees
  • study materials (books etc), casing of thesis if applicable
  • any other compulsory or voluntary local costs that may be charged according to the university rules and national legislation

Further information on studying and living costs: Living and other costs.

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