Master's Programme in Security and Mobile Computing

Student experience 2012

Sinisa Matetic
(Aalto + NTNU),
Student of 2012 intakeSinisa picture_for_NSM.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Sinisa and currently I am doing my second year of the NordSecMob programme in NTNU, Trondheim. How I ended up on this programme is almost by accident, but now I could not be more happy that I applied. After finishing my bachelor's degree at the University of Zagreb, Croatia I continued doing my master's there. While searching for an opportunity to go abroad for additional studies a friend of mine recommended me NordSecMob and after reviewing the contents of the programme I immediately applied.

The programme itself is absolutely amazing. If you just disregard the contents of the studies and focus on the fact that you will be studying in at least two Nordic countries, it is quite amazing. The diversity of cultures and people you will get to now throughout your studies is one of the best experiences that a person can get in this early stage of our lives. On the other hand, the studies are also indubitably excellent. 

My study track in this programme was AALTO+NTNU. First year at AALTO was great - a lot of studying, but a lot of fun also. You will learn the basic security principles, protocols and have a good introduction to cryptography which in the end will give you a good start to decide in which direction you want to develop yourself in the future years. The second year at NTNU just started, but the impressions from the first two weeks are incredible. Student life and social events in Trondheim are great. And Norway, well from what I have seen in these two weeks - one of the most beautiful countries in the world - without any doubt.

In the end, for all of you that are reading these student experiences, do not hesitate to apply. Challenge yourself and decide to try it. I promise that you will not regret it.



Pranas Butkus
(Aalto + NTNU)
Student of 2012 intake Pranas_photo.jpg

During the last year of my Bachelor’s studies in Lithuania, I finally resolved to realize my longtime dream to go to live and study abroad. My interest in metal and rock music influenced my decision to explore study programmes specifically in the Nordic European countries. The possibility to study subjects that are critical for further evolution of ICT as well as a decent scholarship ultimately determined my decision: I chose NordSecMob programme and Aalto University.

I was satisfied with my choice from the very first days in Finland. Here, I met a lot of bright and friendly people. Furthermore, the fact that every lecturer treats students as equal to him/her and takes a student’s opinion regarding the courses into account to make them better impressed me a lot. Due to high quality of the studies and nice social environment, I also decided to have a summer internship at Aalto. Thanks to the latter, I not only improved my skills in ICT and met more great people, but also saw that even in Finland summer can be really warm and sunny.

I do not regret spending a year of my life in this wonderful country and hope to continue my career in the Nordic region.


Xiqing Chu
(Aalto + NTNU)
Student of 2012 intakeXiqing_Chu.jpg

Hi everybody my name is Xiqing Chu and I’m on the study track of Aalto + NTNU. I come from the Far East part of Asia, which is Shanghai, China. NordSecMob program is quite fresh and new in our region. I have an experience of singing choir visit to Nordic countries in 2010, and I find this place peaceful and charming.  Once I graduated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, I was facing a job offer from eBay and the option of studying abroad in NordSecMob which offers double degree. Glad that I chose the latter one. I wanted to extend my knowledge in mobile computing as well as explore a wild life in two foreign countries.

Once I landed in the capital city Helsinki Finland, an immediate welcome was given by my home university Aalto. After spending one week of Finnish style gathering around in national park, our NordSecMob students got familiar with each other regardless where we came from. Finnish culture is really different from eastern culture like Chinese or Japanese. People here are quite straightforward, with ice faces but warm hearts. If you want to ask for a favor, don’t hesitate to do so. Also the working load of 1st year study is considerably high. I remember I have spent at least three nights on my buddies couch to catch up the deadlines. But I can assure you that the experience will build your solid knowledge in mobile and network communications. Also many entrepreneurs from start-up companies inspired us with ICT innovations in Finland.

Another great experience of mine is that I won the “Best Paper Award Year 2013” during the 1st year in Aalto. Generally 40 students from Finland and abroad at department took part in this competition. Together with my tutor and English language teacher, I wrote a small research paper on cloud computing prediction topic in two month. After taking the award from Prof. Antti Ylä-Jääski, I realized that international students can also achieve their dream in this great and friendly environment.

This year I arrived in Norway to pursue my 2nd year study in NTNU, Trondheim. This city has a fabulous landscape and really friendly population. Whenever on the street, you can encounter with Norwegians with good English skills to point the direction for you. Courses here are not so intensive like Aalto, but you still have to put your back into projects and thesis.

Last but not least, if you are looking for a Viking culture experience, with a double degree and English courses, NordSecMob is your best choice. Culture shock is for sure the best memories you will cherish in the future. Innovation and flexible environments are suitable for computer science students to thrive here.



Kamran Manzoor
(Aalto + DTU)
Student of 2012 intakekamran.jpg

Hi everyone! My name is Kamran Manzoor and I started my journey of NordSecMob program in September 2012. After completing my bachelor's degree from University of Engineering and Technology, Taxila, Pakistan, I wanted to excel in the field of ICT. My brother recommended me NordSecMob program and while looking at the contents of this program, I fell in love with it. Opportunity to experience Scandinavian countries and earn two degrees from world's esteemed universities with lots of interesting subjects propelled me to apply for this program. Luckily enough, I got admitted with Aalto + DTU track and currently pursuing second year of my studies at DTU, Denmark.

First semester at Aalto University greeted me with a busy schedule of coursework along with strict deadlines of assignments. The courses covered both theoretical as well as practical aspects. Almost every subject had practical assignments that gave us the opportunity to apply the theoretical concepts we learnt during lectures. The thing that really impressed me was the feedback taken by the students to improve the courses for next sessions. Studying at Aalto University laid a very solid foundation for my future academic endeavors. Moreover, it has also enhanced my confidence and made me dynamic to handle any kind of tense situation. On leaving Aalto University, I was feeling quite sad because I was the only one from Aalto who had to attend DTU for remaining semesters. All my friends were on different study tracks.

With the feeling of loneliness, I left Finland and entered Denmark who also welcomed me with open arms. I met my new NordSecMob fellows there. Apart from regular studies, NordSecMob also provide some great fun times like Roros winter trip. Just after one and a half month in Denmark, we had that trip. It was an amazing event as I enjoyed many things for the first time of my life like dog sledging and skiing. Moreover, it also provided me an opportunity to meet all my NordSecMob fellows and experience different cultures.

I also got a chance to work as summer intern at Aalto University and I happily accepted that offer. Comparing to winter severity in Finland, the summer season is quite pleasant. An environment full of greenery with fresh pleasant air is enough to refresh one's mind.

To conclude, I would say that I have been experiencing an amazing time in NordSecMob and I would strongly recommend this esteemed program to all those who want to be technical geeks and have a desire to achieve high standards of excellence. Last but not least, I would like to thanks the NordSecMob officials for all the timely help and support they have been providing throughout our academic career. Their hospitality and helping nature indeed make one's stay much comfortable.



Anselm Meynanselm_at_aalto.jpg
(Aalto + KTH)
Student of 2012 intake


I had been working in the Telecom industry for several years when I realized I wanted to focus on Mobile computing technologies and get involved in the field of data communications technologies. I came to know of NordSecMob through students pursuing their studies in this Master’s programme, and it seemed like an excellent fit for my interests. The fact that it is jointly offered by five different European universities that each have their own research specialization strengths, allows us great flexibility in choosing the area we would like to focus on within the scope of the programme.

During my first year at Aalto I met many bright and talented people at this great University. The first year course work at Aalto seemed rather daunting initially but provided us with a strong foundation with its focus on practical work, which I found quite interesting. I got to experience both the cold Finnish winter, and the warm and sunny summer as I also interned at Aalto after my first year of studies working on an exciting WebRTC based file sharing project.

I’ve found that in general people in Finland like keeping to themselves but are quite willing to help if you ask them for it. The winter trip to Norway where we got to meet all the other NordSecMob students, and experience a wide range of activities especially the Husky sled ride, was one of the best experiences in this programme. My second year at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm is also proving to be a great experience in a fascinating and vibrant city, with a really excellent academic programme. The course work does seem to require the same effort and hard work as the first year but at a slightly more relaxed pace.

The experience’s I’ve had and the time that I’ve spent in this programme have proved invaluable. The excellent management and coordination by the NordSecMob staff at the partner Universities also makes it quite easy and hassle free for interested applicants. I am glad to be in this Master’s programme and would definitely recommend it to students interested in pursuing a future in a very exciting field of study.

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